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Private workshops

When you book a private workshop, the itinerary is custom-built and extremely flexible. Are you interested in venturing to places not often visited or photographed by others? Do you want the flexibility to customize your itinerary to hit the places that YOU want to visit? Are you looking for someone knowledgeable to get you in the right spots at the right times and help you accomplish your photographic goals? If you are looking for in-depth instruction and custom tailored guidance to any location you desire, I am happy to offer private guiding and in-field instruction on everything from the very basics of getting to know your camera, to understanding histograms and shooting in manual mode, to more advanced techniques such as focus stacking, properly exposing in high dynamic range conditions, understanding composition, and more.

Hourly: $100 (First session requires a minimum of 2 hours and limited to a 30 mile radius from Vancouver, Canada). Each additional person is $40/hour.

Half-day (4 hour session.) $300 for one person. Each additional person is $150 (6 person limit)

Full-day: (8 hours; Limited to 250 mile radius from Vancouver) $500 +travel (if applicable) for one person. Each additional person is $250 (6 person limit)

Custom: Let's talk! Use the contact page to let me know what you're thinking! Travel: For travel outside of the above radiuses I charge these rates: $35/hour for driving.  

Some areas of expertise I have are the coastal mountains of  BC around Bella Coola, Vancouver Island, The Yukon, Peruvian andes and the  Vancouver area plus more.  

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